Stay Hydrated to Stay Healthy

Caution: 86% of our water has tested positive for Cryptosporidium.  Safeguard your health by equipping your water with a UV light, as these contaminants can bypass chlorination. Some can be harmful if ingested, while others pose risks through skin absorption and breathing in.

water quality report

Most of us understand the importance of conditioning the water in our home to give us great tasting drinking water, that also doesn’t leave scale or coloration on our appliances. But many people do not fully understand that water conditioning and filtration systems can also reduce contaminants that could cause us to experience negative health effects.

There are different ways we can find out what is in our water, and this can depend on its source. If our water comes from a public source, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires most public suppliers to send an annual water quality report, called the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to the homes using the water system. This report contains a lot of information, including the source of the water (lake, aquifer, combination, etc.), the chemicals used for disinfection, any regulated contaminants that have been found in the well water as any potential health effects, the actions taken to mitigate the contaminants, and more. The EPA has established a list of contaminants that are regulated and must be regularly tested for, and another list of secondary contaminants that may only be periodically test for, but it is important to understand that these lists do not contain every potential contaminant that might be in our water. The EPA publishes information for consumers to help interpret these reports: