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Are you tired of dealing with hard water scale building on all of your faucets, shower walls, sinks, and dishes? Are you also tired of strong smell and bad taste of chlorine in the water?

Revolutionary WaterMax: Your Ultimate City Water Solution

The WaterMax is uniquely designed to address both issues in the most efficient, lowest maintenance approach. As with many city water softener systems in texas, hard water is expected and, with known water softening technology, is removed effectively. But, what is not as well known is that the amount of chlorine, that is used as a dissifectant in city water, can be relatively high in your drinking water. The Houston and surrounding areas leverage the benefits of chlorine and/or chloramines to ensure safe drinking water free of parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Depending on where you are on the city water distribution line your concentration of chlorine varies, typically between 1-3 ppm. For reference, a typical swimming pool may have 3 ppm of chlorine. For this reason, the WaterMax is the perfect solution to filtering the city water, remove the chlorine, and soften the water all in one unit with NO filters to change in texas. Trully the cleanest solution for City Water. Contact AquaCheck today to find out more information!! (346) 777-0539

limited warranty

WaterMax® Vs. Conventional Water Softeners

– Clean, soft water plus many other benefits!
– Up to 80% less regeneration time.
– Up to 50% less salt usage.
– Up to 80% less water usage.
– Extends the life of all of your water appliances.
– Save up to 30% on energy cost to heat water.
– Save up to 75% on cleaning products no longer required with soft water.
– Versatile design allows Watermax to be effective on almost any water source.
– The highest quality of water.
– Most efficient system.
– Strongest warranty- 25 Year Limited Warranty

Hague WaterMax® Configuration For City AND Well Water Problems

Only WaterMax® water softeners offer a patented approach to solve your home’s specific water needs. The WaterMax® multi-compartment media tank offers complete flexibility in media configuration that can be specifically tailored to address the problem in the most efficient method. Your texas new water softener is the perfect choice to treat city water and well water issues.

The WaterMax® water softener can be configured to treat multiple water problems such as foul taste, odor issues, chlorine, lead, sulfur, iron, volatile organic chemicals and high hardness. Be sure to schedule your free water softener Houston area consultation today or give us a call at one of the numbers listed above.