Are You Dealing With Smelly Water In Your Home Or Business? Then You Know What A Nuisance And Embarrassment It Can Be!

Determining where the odor in water is located is key to determining the problem.

Does the odor occurs in all the water faucets? The problem is usually in the main water supply.

Does it occurs only in certain faucets? The problems is likely in the fixtures or pipes supplying those fixtures.

Does the problem goes away after running the water for a few minutes? The problem is somewhere in the household plumbing system.

Is the odor persistent? The problem could be the water source or combination of both the water sources and the plumbing system.

Is the odor is only in the hot water? Then problem in most likely the water source and the hot water heater.

All of these problems can be fixed!

Common Odors:

  • Bleach, Chemical or Medicinal Odor – can be removed with the correct type of Carbon – locally we need to use Catalytic Carbon.
  • Rotten Eggs (Sulfurous) – this may be bacterial or gaseous. Determining the form will define the type of filter/UV Light required to remove the problem.
  • Musty, Moldy, Earthy, Grassing or Fishy Odor – Catalytic Carbon and/or UV light.
  • Petroleum, Gasoline, Turpentine, Fuel-like or Solvent-like Odor – if you get your water from a municipal water provider – CALL your provider – if you are on well – have this tested – Catalytic Carbon and Reverse Osmosis is a MUST.
  • Sharp Chemical Odor – Catalytic Carbon and Reverse Osmosis.
  • Other Odors – Contact us for a free test.

Get Pure, Clear, Odor free water!